I Told My Supervisor Professor That Emmanuel (Jesus) Helped Me Solve The Mathematical Problem

-Pastor E.A. Adeboye at Holy Ghost Service November 2021 

When I was doing my Post Graduate Studies at the University of Lagos, my supervisor, an Indian gave me an assignment and then traveled. By the time he returned I had gone far, very far.

Pastor E. Adeboye

He returned and perceived how far I had gone and he asked me Enoch I realize you are a Christian so you wont lie, who helped you?. If I said Jesus he would chuckle at me so I needed to say, Professor Emmanuel.

– Professor Emmanuel is going to help some students here tonight. 

When I told him, Professor Emmanuel he said “Of which department?”. That is where I got into trouble because Jesus belongs to all the departments. 

The Lord wants me to tell somebody, He said you are going to climb higher and faster than your boss can ever realised. 





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