Pastor E.A Adeboye Describes Occurrences During Visit To Kenneth Hagin’s Camp Gatherings.

In 1979, Pastor E. A Adeboye and some other people were planning to attend Kenneth Hagin’s Camp Meeting, Him, His father in the Lord, and four other people. At this point none of them knew anyone in the States, they thought everything was the same as here (Nigeria) he added.

They left without any hope for accommodations, this is because they tried booking one but they were told none was left. Then he said to them if God in Heaven has promised us a mansion over there then here (Tulsa) is not an exception.

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They arrived in Tulsa without any form of accommodation but right there at the airport, they met a fellow who after finding out they had nowhere to stay began to make some phone calls right there at the airport to various hotels around. 

The program as of then was one of its kind, they were thousands of people at the event every year coming from different parts of the world so unfortunately yes almost all hotels around would be booked throughout the program. He asked, “Which hotels are you calling?” He replied, “Hotels that are one and a half hours away from the venue of the program”. He asked again “why are calling those hotels? We don’t have any means of transport, call the hotel closest to the venue” then he replied that all those hotels would have been fully booked before now. He then said to the guy to call them and tell them that we are missionaries from Africa if they would have a room for us.

The man at the other end of the telephone now said “Where did you say you come from?” He repeated the same words to him “We are missionaries from Africa then he replied them saying I think I can get a room. He (E.A Adebayo) then said ask him for two rooms and the man said I can get you two rooms and he also sent for a bus that will take us to the hotel.

Papa was an old man so they didn’t want to stress him much, so they asked the man again did you say you can get us three rooms? The man answered with a question “where did you guys say you are from again?” They answered we are missionaries from Africa, he then put it straight to them that yes, he can get them three rooms without stress. What a testimony?

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